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Check out our handmade goods and lots more!

Des In The Shed with a WHOLE gazebo full of his creations (50p - £5).

Knitted By KittyMumma with hundreds of knitted cuddle pals, accessories and soft furnishings. Priced between 50p & £10

Cards & Crafts by KittyMumma (with anything other than her knitted wares!) priced from £1.

CauldronKitchen Soy Wax Candles & Melts with all melts £1.50 - all candles £2.49 FOR ONE DAY ONLY!

Kitty & The Pig Knitted, Crocheted, Sewn, Drawn, Beaded & Pyro'd crafts and artwork.... (anything we can cobble together) Priced £1 upwards depending on the stock!

The Pinky Paw Toy Store Jam packed with Dolls, Toy Guns, Play Sets, Swords, Blowing Bubbles, Alien Eggs, Bouncing Putty, Jet Ball,s Footballs, Inflatables, Outdoor Sports Toys & more!

PLUS: FurwebsMarket miscellaneous ranges such as Gardening supplies, Pet accessories, MakeUp & Beauty Care, Kitchen Accessories, Stationery & Office Supplies.

And NOT to forget the ever important DONATED GOODS SECTION!